Artist's Statement

"From an early age I've loved drawing and painting and making things.

I'm often thinking about certain things, scenes and objects as a form for my work. That's not to say my works are based on objectivity, yet I see it as taking a fragment of something and bringing it on an emotional jaunt, a process. I'm influenced by the world and it's images only a fraction of this comes from other art forms ( although I do have a soft spot for modern 'Abstract Expressionism' and works of people such as Mark Rothko.)

My main control is limiting my pallet, but other than that I leave outcomes up to how good a painting day I'll have. It can be hard when it's not happening. In that case I'll usually either take a break or keep painting more and more burning for a resolution.

The outcome of a painting is important to me; however the process of it is paramount. The reason I do it is because I love it - it helps when work is enjoyable to do :-)

Aesthetics are important to me, but that's not to say I paint pictures for the masses,  I don't I paint for myself and if anyone else likes it then I'm pleased.

I often find what I like to paint is what more than enough people are happy to look at, which is lucky I guess. I have no great desire to paint anything considerably ugly or controversial, but rather something that holds up as both powerful and beautiful, not cliche', something interesting.

I don't want to be a follower, I don't want to be a leader, I just want to be myself, to be pure and not forged, and more than anything to show that in my work". 


Michael Herford